Welcome to Brand New Mum, a line of slogan-embossed notebooks and journals created for mothers and mamas-to-be, dreamt up whilst I was on maternity leave following the birth of my first baby, Bea.

When I was pregnant I kept a diary recording my experiences, and when I become a mum I also discovered bullet journaling as a way to stay on track of my new, often chaotic, life after one too many baby-brain fails. These experiences inspired me to combine my love of beautiful design, ongoing aspirations to get organised and my fan-girl level obsession over the lush #mamamerch lines around into a different product of my own: limited edition, colourful and slogan-embossed notebooks for mums and mums-to-be.

Adjusting to new motherhood can be difficult for a whole host of reasons. For me an undiagnosed tongue-tie caused a raft of problems with feeding my new baby, and we only survived those incredibly difficult early few weeks thanks to help and support received from the Breastfeeding Network's wonderful Helpline. In gratitude for their support, 5% of the profits from every purchase are donated to the Breastfeeding Network charity, so they can continue to support new mothers who are struggling and need help when they are at their most vulnerable.

I hope the notebooks and journals help other mamas (expectant, new and experienced) to get organised, be ambitious, express their creativity and capture their own personal journeys through motherhood - whatever that looks like, in all its crazy, colourful glory!

Lots of love,

Lucy (& Bea) xx